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What is Cloud Computing? 


Cloud computing is the delivery of applications and storage/server capacity that utilizes shared data center resources, to a group of end-users as a service that’s accessible anytime, anywhere over the Internet and allows businesses to stop filling up their own data center with servers that have to be powered, cooled and managed; instead businesses can now outsource their hardware through the cloud without any capital expense and only pay for the service used. 


IPC offers a suite of cloud servers, applications, and other services designed to enhance productivity and cost-efficiency, and empower organizations to achieve business goals.

Top 5 Cloud Computing Benefits

  • Scalable: Re-configure your Cloud Servers to serve your company’s demands.

  • Accessible: Access your Cloud Server anytime, any place, anywhere. 

  • Low Risk: Gain peace of mind through cloud-based data recovery and backup.

  • Low Cost: Resource pooling and metered usage eliminate unnecessary cost.

  • Stress Free: Concentrate on your core business and leave IT management to the cloud.


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