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Blog | Gearing up the workplace: Why enterprises should hire Gen Z workers

While there is no definite year range that marks the beginning and end of Generation Z, most researchers agree that the group is comprised of people born between 1997 and 2012. Though often perceived as entitled, ambitious, and driven by money, no one can attest whether or not this is an accurate description of the entire generation. One thing is for certain, however—it’s that they are tech-fluent.

As the demographic has just or is beginning to enter their 20s, they are also starting to make their presence into the workforce and will soon dominate the working population. By 2020, it is expected that 24% of the working population will come from Generation Z. Also referred to as the “Digital Natives” or the “Net Generation,” they are on their way to transform the way things are run in the office with their digital mindsets and lifestyles.

Having been born along with the rise of technology, Generation Z never had to struggle with incorporating technology into their everyday lives as it had already been commonplace in the world when they entered it. Technology is basically a language they are articulate in.

With the businesses of today quickly adopting digital transformation through cloud technology, enterprises can count on the Net Generation to easily navigate their way through operations using high-tech solutions. Due to their internet-reliant and highly digital upbringing, Generation Z is used to on-demand precise results and information. The internet and technology, in turn, had trained them to deliver accurate outputs in the same quick manner they have grown accustomed to. No matter the challenge, the Digital Natives’ minds have been subconsciously honed to find innovative ways to render solutions or results the best and fastest way possible.

With most enterprises today implementing the “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy that allows employees to bring personally owned devices into the workplace and use them to access company data and applications, Gen Zers who normally use their personal phones for almost anything are naturally adept to this new workplace phenomenon. The BYOD policy is highly beneficial to this generation as it allows them to do tasks using devices they are already familiar and comfortable with, thus boosting their productivity. It also gives them easy access to their files wherever they are, especially now that businesses are entrusting their data to various cloud platforms, such as GSuite and the Chrome Enterprise.

As enterprises inevitably head towards the direction of technology advancement, the best way to prepare the workforce is to equip itself with employees who already speak the tech language. Considering the vast amount of online digital content available for consumption, it is second nature to the Net Generation to consume a handful of information from different platforms simultaneously, and this has led them to master the art of multitasking and collaboration, thus achieving work-life balance, with their smartphones as their weapons.

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