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Cloud computing technology: Where progress trumps patience

“Patience is a virtue,” they said. While this adage remains generally true, digital technology has taught us that now may be the time to leave this principle behind and start grabbing every opportunity we can to get more things done more quickly and instantaneously.

With the resources available today, we have close to no excuses in ticking boxes off our lists. Recent technological advancements have transcended into every aspect of society, even the global workforce, that it pushes us to strive for optimum productivity in any way we can.

Around a decade or two ago, we could only send emails and deliverables at the workplace or wherever there is a computer. Through the development of digital business solutions such as cloud technology, the on-demand availability of computer resources, not only are we now enabled to send emails anywhere, but also capable of finishing work-related tasks and collaborating with a team wherever we are, even on-the-go.

The rise of smartphones equipped with cloud-based apps has significantly changed the way businesses are run. Enterprises’ adoption of cloud-based business solutions like the Chrome Enterprise and G Suite has completely obliterated the hassle and inconvenience when collaborating within a group of colleagues, as well as supported teamwork with members from anywhere, whether from a single location or otherwise, in real time. With instant messaging apps such as Hangouts and the like, group communication and file-sharing are accessible at any time and made easier than ever. Distance is eliminated as a hindrance for productivity as such apps were also designed to be a venue for teams to efficiently conduct virtual meetings, allowing attendees from any part of the world to participate.

These tools right at our fingertips boost our progress and encourage us to finish our tasks the easiest and quickest way possible. Through the vast library of cloud technology, we never have to slack around while waiting for the time when we can get our hands on the appropriate tools we need to complete our tasks.

Taking advantage of these technological tools relieves us from having to stretch our patience in getting things done, leaving more time for us to do something else later. At the end of the day, any amount of productivity is better than having rendered none at all.

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