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From clicks to bricks: How digital business solutions empower your online store

While the internet reached the general public in the early 90s, it wasn’t until the 2000s that the adoption of e-commerce started to pick up, with big businesses being the first ones to embark on the digital journey. Due to the magnified popularity of the internet, many small to medium enterprises (SMEs) started going digital too. Enterprising individuals also saw the opportunity, resulting in online businesses cropping up left and right. It is expected that by 2021, e-commerce will generate an estimated $4.5-trillion in sales globally.

Business owners enter the digital world in hopes of modifying traditional business processes through the use of digital solutions. Among these are cloud technology, which smoothens out both internal and external business operations; cybersecurity, which secures business data online and offline; and internet connectivity, which provides seamless client interactions. Because of these tools, consumers can now receive their purchases without even having to leave their homes.

These tools not only helped SMEs introduce their businesses to a wider audience but also helped promote online selling as an effective new platform for retail. This brought the rapid increase of e-commerce patrons, and it eventually became a trend for physical stores to use the web to prioritize consumer convenience when presenting their products and services.

Nowadays, however, the opposite seems to be becoming the new norm. Amazon, one of the biggest names in worldwide e-commerce, was once a digital-only store. In 2018, the brand ventured into the business of brick-and-mortar by launching Amazon Go in the United States. Just like the e-commerce giant, a considerable number of today’s SMEs started their businesses as online sellers through social media, online selling platforms, or websites of their own, and have transitioned into putting up physical stores as expansion.

Whether from bricks to clicks or clicks to bricks, digital business solutions have witnessed and powered the evolution of SMEs through the years. As businesses continue to innovate, the dichotomy between brick-and-mortar and online stores is seen to finally collapse. In the near future, the coexistence of both stores as equal forms of retail in pursuit of utmost consumer convenience will be the new norm, all thanks to the power of digital.

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