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5 ways Salesforce Service Cloud can Improve your Business

Most businesses today pride themselves with customer-centricity as a driver to success. As a means of prioritizing their customers, businesses invest in CRM (customer relationship management), a business approach that uses data analytics to manage a company’s relationship with customers with the goal of an improved service that will lead to client retention.

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service and support platform designed to guide businesses to deliver smarter service while providing them with an introspective view of their customers to strengthen loyalty and build retention. With its software that offers end-to-end solutions, Salesforce Service Cloud elevates your relationship with your patrons in more ways than one can imagine.

1. Customer service

The Service Cloud provides your customer service agents with productivity tools along with access to a holistic view of every client interaction that ever crossed your business. Through this, agents can easily hear customer insights and navigate their problems towards the right solutions, leaving your customers pleased and satisfied with every interaction.

2. Self-service

As widely as businesses vary, so does every company’s customer needs. Salesforce Service Cloud allows you to build quick-response self-service portals and communities where clients can seamlessly connect to you to express what they need. You can deliver personalized customer service and even help them help each other through the community section.

3. Digital channels

You can be anywhere your customers need you. Through digital channels, your agents can connect with your clients anytime, anywhere, no matter what the channel is—mobile messaging, web chat, email, live phone call, or even social media. Powered by AI chatbots, clients can now contact you through their most preferred channel with zero complications.

4. Field service

Accelerate your field service operations with the Field Service Lightning feature that uses AI to help your workforce go through work orders integrated with accounts, contacts, assets, cases, entitlements, and other objects across Salesforce. Thanks to its mobile app, you can extend on-site job management to your employees in the field.

5. AI for service

Salesforce leverages artificial intelligence through Einstein AI in empowering both its workforce and clientele. Its Einstein bots help both sides of the interaction as it knows how to resolve routine issues as well as take basic actions. Since it is native in the Service Cloud, Einstein AI is convenient and easy to operate, thereby boosting work productivity and efficiency as well as customer experience.

For businesses that haven’t tried CRM, the term itself is enough to elicit hesitation due to the fear of waste of money, time, and effort from the failure of implementation. With the Salesforce Service Cloud, this will never be the case. The right CRM software will provide you with the tools you need to cater to your clients well and will ultimately change the game for your business.

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