Premium DDoS Mitigation

With its own carrier level DDoS mitigation platform, Continent 8 is able to mitigate attack sources via its global aggregate bandwidth and clean incoming traffic via its dispersed cleaning nodes in high bandwidth capacity locations before transmitting data to clients in its hosting facilities – benefitting from higher capacity for volumetric attacks whilst protecting client services.

Running an MPLS backbone between its global sites and POP locations, Continent 8 clients can implement highly available, secure and efficient MPLS Network between multiple sites as point to point or multi-point layer 2 or 3 services.

Website downtime can cost you thousands or even millions of dollars an hour due to lost revenue and brand damage. Web attacks like SQL injection and XSS can be even more devastating, resulting in massive data breaches, customer turnover, notification costs, lawsuits, and fines. Imperva Incapsula is a cloud-based application delivery service that protects websites and increases their performance, improving end user experiences and safeguarding web applications and their data from attack. Incapsula includes a web application firewall to thwart hacking attempts, DDoS mitigation to ensure attacks don’t impact online business assets, a content delivery network to optimize and accelerate web traffic, and a load balancer to maximize the potential of web environments.

As a longtime leader in DDoS defense, Nexusguard is at the forefront of the fight against malicious Internet attacks, protecting organizations worldwide from threats to their websites, services, and reputations. Continually evolving to face new threats as they emerge, they have the tools, insight, and know-how to protect their clients’ vital business systems no matter what comes their way. Nexusguard's objective is to prevent attacks that disrupt online businesses and enable the use of the Internet as intended. It protects companies of all sizes with premium Internet security solutions, empowering them to focus on their business — and not on how to maintain business uptime. Its experienced security experts and researchers fortify Nexusguard’s repository of attack signatures — a critical resource for quickly formulating on-target mitigation strategies and better security solutions.

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